Allison Goroni, Southgate, (1st-3rd grade)

I teach first, second, and third grade in a Montessori school. I have been teaching for 15 years. I am looking to set up a mini kitchen in my classroom this year a special rug would help set the area apart from the rest of the room.

Allyssa Kerby, Dearborn, (1st Grade)

Allyssa is going into her 5th full year and had to move classrooms. This rug would be an amazing addition to her new room!

Amelia Bernat, Taylor, Preschool

Amelia is a preschool teacher at Southgate head start. She has been teaching for 6 years and is back in school for her masters to  enhance her knowledge in early childhood education. Amelia currently has a small rug that sits in the block area. The block area is also used for large group making the movement space difficult. A new rug has been on Amelia’s wish list but school supplies has been a first priority. Thank you for your time and i hope you consider Amelia’s classroom.

Amie Gray, Taylor, Preschool

Amie is a wonderful teacher. Over the summer, items she has collected for her classroom and her students have been collecting in our dinning room.

Amie truly loves her job and is excited to start her 12 year of teaching in the fall. Her boyfriend constantly finds lists and layouts drawn out around the house of how she wants to set up her classroom and she would love to have this in her room.

Amy Bielat, Flat Rock, 10th Grade

Amy works with her students all the time to make sure they get it. She also attends many out of school activities so the students know she is someone to count on.

Amy Hunt, Flat Rock, 2nd grade

Amy has much = passion and dedication for her job and her students. She is already shopping and preparing for this coming School year. She loves it and it’s part of her life. This will be her 26th year teaching. It never gets old to her.

Amy Magee, Brownstown Township, 3rd Grade

Amy is going into her second year at wegienka, and it’s her 7th year teaching.

Andrea Segedi, Trenton, 2nd Grade

Andrea meets the needs of each child in her classroom.  Children are totally involved throughout the day and exhibit positive affirmations towards their progress in all areas.  Andrea is open to new innovations that will achieve success for her students.  She encourages self reliance and a sense of accomplishment for each student.  Volunteers enjoy working with the students to improve their reading skills.  At the end of the school year in June students feel confident to move on to a successful future in third grade.

Ashley Shier, Flat Rock, 2nd Grade

Ashley is a second grade teacher at Bobcean Elementary in Flat Rock. This will be her second year teaching so any help with classroom supplies goes a long way! She loves her kids and absolutely loves what she does every day.

Aubrey Sivi, Ecorse, 2nd Grade

This is only Aubrey’s third year teaching little kids and she has no rugs for them.  The one she inherited she cleaned as best she could, but it’s still shabby at best. Her kids would love to have a nice new rug because everything they have is hand me downs.

Candace Duane, Rockwood, K-5

Carie Bussell, Rockwood, 1st & 2nd Grade

Sadly, Carie’s wonderful teacher’s school closed. Saint Mary’s, in Rockwood.  This left her and all the other teachers scrambling this summer to find another classroom, full of eager children waiting to absorb knowledge. Mission accomplished!

Jabro’s generosity in offering a chance to win a fresh carpet for the start of a new year is wonderful! Thankful for the opportunity.

Chelsea Bodary, Romulus, Elementary

Chelsea is a young woman very dedicated to her craft.  She embraces her students and strives to do the best by them each and every year.  She pours her heart into her classroom and is constantly searching for new, creative ways to encourage her students to reach their full potential.  She, like most teachers, spends her own money in order to provide an engaging and stimulating curriculum in her classroom. Chelsea is devoted to her profession and is an asset to her school, school district, and the educational community.

Cindy Conklin, Flat Rock, Preschool

Cindy, better known as Ms.Cindy, has been in the Early Childcare Field for over 18 years. Her love for the education and quality of care for all children go without saying! The families tell her story of understanding, caring and love!  She gives the absolute best hugs ever!  She certainly deserves recognition!

Courtney Teets, Gibraltar, 1st Grade

Courtney is the most passionate teacher. She loves her job and her students. Most nights she brings work home with her, but because she wants to make sure she is taking care of her students all of the time. She makes it a mission to make sure her students are comfortable in her classroom and also that they are getting the best education she can provide. You won’t find a more passionate teacher.

Cristine Polgar, Riverview, 2nd Grade

This will be Cristine’s 20th year teaching 2nd grade at Huntington Elementary School! This summer, the carpeting in her room was replaced with tile. The room looks great, but an area rug would be a comfortable addition for her students.

Donna Cahalan, Taylor, 2nd Grade

Donna is a hard-working, dedicated teacher.  She goes above and beyond for her students every day.

Jeanine Haskin, Allen Park, Young 5’s

Jeanine has taught kindergarten for 22 years. Before that, she was a preschool teacher. Mrs. Haskin is the prime example of what an early childhood teacher should be! This year, Mrs. Haskin is taking on a new adventure. She will be Arno Elementary’s young 5s teacher. Since this is a new program at Arno, a carpet would be a great addition to her classroom. Please vote for Mrs. Haskin and help her and her students get this beautiful carpet.

Jennifer Parent, Riverview, 1st Grade

Jennifer is preparing to start her 12th year of teaching at Memorial Elementary in Riverview. She just recently moved (voluntarily) down to first grade and absolutely loves it! It has renewed her love for teaching and passion for engaging children in their learning and school relationships! She actually donated her nice classroom rug to the first year teacher who took over for her in third grade, and shortly after, found herself missing her rug! She spent money on Ikea rugs and they rolled up within two months! She would really love to win one of your area rugs for her classroom! “They create such a nice gathering area and help to cover up unsightly 50-year-old classroom carpet. Thank you for offering this great opportunity to local teachers. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!”

Jennifer Poster, Lincoln Park, Preschool

Jennifer is a first year preschool teacher! She is getting ready to start her own classroom in September and needs this gift! She is so deserving.

Jenny Treadway, Southgate, Preschool

Jenny and her assistant work very hard for their children. They provide many opportunities for hands-on learning and as many natural experiences as possible. Like most teachers, they spend their own money to better the environment for their children. These teachers focus on creating a family feeling classroom so their children will have a safe and comfortable place to learn. They would greatly appreciate these carpet squares.

Jera Monticello, Rockwood, Elementary

Jera teaches k-5 music at Chapman and Weiss Elementary Schools in the Gibraltar School District. She sees over 700 students each week, and absolutely loves her job! Her classroom is getting an overhaul next school year, and this rug would be an amazing addition to her space! She uses her rug for organization, story time, gathering time—and so much more! Thank you for this opportunity!

Katie Rios, Lincoln Park, 4th Grade

Katie goes above and beyond to teach her kids and is very hands on. She has many critters to fascinate and get little minds to think. Hedgehog frogs tadpoles fish raises chickens from eggs you name it. She loves her children and it show.

Kelly Bellomy, Romulus, Kindergarten

Ms. Bellomyevery dayto everyday with a smile on her face. She always looks for ways to improve the learnng experiences for all of her students.

Lanette Carmack, Flat rock, Kindergarten

As a kindergarten teacher, Ms. Carmack plays one of the most crucial roles out of all the teachers. She gives the kids their first taste of school and helps them build a foundation of what kind of student they will be in the upcoming years. Ms. Carmack stands out from other teachers because she doesn’t just sit back and watch the kids. She encourages them and jumps right in with them. There are many days when during playtime she can be found on the floor playing a game with the kids. Other times you will see her outside running with her students. The amount of heart she puts into her job shows how truly dedicated she is. When school is over she doesn’t just pack up and call it a day. She oftentimes stays over to tutor kids to make sure they are understanding the curriculum so that they can succeed. Just this past year she bought new clothes for a young girl whose family didn’t have much money. The little girl was super upset because her family didn’t have enough money to pay for her to go to the daddy/daughter dance. So Ms. Carmack paid for her to go and bought her a new dress to go in. It’s the little things like this that make Ms. Carmack a phenomenal teacher and make her stand out from the rest. If anyone deserves a special area rug it is her!

Lauren Portelli, Southgate, Kindergarten

Lauren is getting her own classroom again after a couple years of being an interventionist. She is so excited to teach Kindergarten and has already begun shopping and spending her own money to make her classroom welcoming for her new students. This new rug could help her tremendously as she gets ready for her new classroom!

Lindsey Kling, Trenton, First Grade

Lindsey is a perfect match for teaching first grade.  She has a quiet, personal approach to each student, and they feel a sense of accomplishment of learning to read and write.  Lindsey accepts individual needs and gives them goals they can achieve.  

Lisa Kardod, Riverview, Preschool

Ms. Lisa is a great teacher! She takes time to nurture children and teach them social and academic skills. She has been in need a new carpet for several years and deserves to win this!

Lizzie King, Detroit, Kindergarten

Lizzie is a teacher in Detroit. She feels if anyone is in need of assistance with classroom supplies, it would be a teacher in a high poverty district.  

Lynn Overby, Taylor, 1st Grade

Lynn teaches the students with engaging activities and keeps her curriculum up to date with what is the latest teaching techniques. She works hard to give her students the best education they can get.

Mckenzie Swiontoniowski, Rockwood, 1st Grade

Mrs. Swiontoniowski is such a great teacher! She taught my daughter so much during her first-grade year, and was so great with communicating. All of the students loved her and she was very involved in extracurricular activities and making school “fun” while learning at the same time. Please vote for Mrs.S!! She deserves it!!

Meagan Anderson, Southgate, Preschool

Meagan has been working in preschool classrooms for 7 years, the last 5 were in Headstart. She just graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood, so this coming year will be the first year as a lead teacher in a classroom. She is dedicated to the children in her classroom and wants to provide them with the greatest experience possible. “Thank you for this opportunity!”

Melissa Kochanoski, Southgate, Kindergarten

Ms. K will be teaching the Young 5’s classroom at Grogan Elementary School.  The delivery of instruction in the classroom is “centers” based and the carpet would directly impact these students.  Ms. K brings nearly 20 years of experience to our youngest students.  Her approach to education is both proactive and exciting.  She prides herself on being on the cutting edge of new technology and teaching methodology.

Melyssa Tapia, Woodhaven, PreKindergarten

Melyssa recently opened an in-home daycare in New Haven, Michigan. This rug would be perfect for little learner’s to utilize every day!

Michael Hawkins, Dearborn, 4th Grade

Michael is 4th-gradede elementary teacher who works in Dearborn Public Schools. He only teaches, but also works heavily with the PTA and runs the school STEAM club in his classroom. A new rug would be used daily multiple times a day by his students.

Morgan Badillo, Trenton, Preschool

Morgan is a superstar with our kids! She’s patient, creative, kind, and cares about the welfare of each of the 20+ kids under her tutelage. She’s able to see their needs and appreciate each of their unique personalities and find ways to help each of them flourish. Our parents adore her and she is well-loved by her fellow staff members. Her ability to connect with the kids has helped her stand out and we are thankful for her every day!

Mr. Satterfield, Woodhaven, 5th Grade

Mr. Satterfield goes above and beyond to meet all children at their level. Also, he uses technology such as YouTube to help them at home on their homework.

Mrs. Bzura, Trenton, 2nd Grade

Mrs. Bzura is married and has two children in college. She took several years off to raise her own children and then returned to teaching at the school where her children were in attendance. After supporting her children through their years of schooling, she took a leap of faith and moved from a private school to public education in the Fall of 2017. This move fulfilled her dream of being a member of a public school system, helping children reach their potential. Mrs. Bzura strives to create an atmosphere which encourages all students to do their best and to love coming to school each day. She is moving to flexible seating this coming fall in hopes of increasing student concentration and engagement. She has spent a great deal of her own money to make this happen and could really use one of these beautiful rugs to complete the new room.

Mrs. Mentzer, Taylor, 5th Grade

Mrs. Mentzer teaches mostly low-income students in a district that is struggling to provide cosmetic updates. She would like to make her classroom look inviting and comfortable for students who do not always come from homes that are inviting or comfortable.

Natalie Waid, Huron Charter Township, Kindergarten

Natalie is a hard-working teacher who just recently started teaching kindergarten at Brown Elementary last school year. Before kindergarten, she taught 2nd grade for 10 years in Hamtramck. She could really use a new rug for her new classroom!

Nicole, Grosse Ile Township, Kindergarten

Nicole has been teaching for over 5 years now and is the perfect definition of a dedicated and passionate teacher. She dedicates her heart into her passion of teaching, but also a LOT of her own personal money into her classroom. She spends a lot of her summer clipping coupons for supplies, seeking out summer sales and even looking for perfect freebies. “And they say teachers have summers off!” Nicole is currently in need of a classroom rug to launch her new adventure of flexible seating. However, classroom rugs are a small fortune, but I know that she would be beyond excited and thankful to have a brand new rug for her kiddos. She teaches in Grosse Pointe, so I was not able to pick her actual school location. Please consider her classroom for this amazing new rug!

Paulette Carson, Lincoln Park, 2nd Grade

Paulette has been a teacher for many years. She took off teaching for a few years to raise her children. That’s when we became friends. She would babysit my kids and my grandson and they learned so much wirh her she is one of those teachers that will impact kids lives forever. She’s kind, loving and kids just love her. She spends her own money on her classroom so her kids have a wonderful learning environment. She is very deserving of this rug. 

Rachel Weldon, Flat Rock, 2nd Grade

Rachel is a new teacher who has limited resources at her school. Rachel’s love for teaching and her students shine through on a daily basis. Even though school is currently no in session, Rachel has been spending her summer researching new curriculum for her classroom, along with new ways of doing things. As a new teacher, Rachel has many ideas on ways to improve her students’ education and futures.

Sandy Shook, Southgate, Kindergarten

Sandy teaches at St. Pius Catholic School and has been there for 25 years!  She would love this rug for her center room as the rug in there is beige and about 50 years old! She is an amazing teacher who gets to know her students and families and instills in them the eagerness to learn. She is very thankful for the opportunity to win one of these rugs. 

Sara Dally, Dearborn, 3rd Grade

Sara wanted to be a teacher her whole life. She was so excited to be hired to teach in her own classroom. She stays up late many nights trying to juggle money to have enough to buy things for her classroom with her own salary. She has wanted a rug for a while and would love this adorable one. She works hard, loves her students, and would love to be gifted this. 

Sara Heise, Riverview, K-5

Ms. Heise is one of the nicest, helpful, and down to Earth teacher there is. She has made her students actually enjoy tech and stem. Kids used to never like steam class, but when Ms. Heise started, kids non stop talked about her and could not wait to go back to her class. She is constantly spending extra time with students to make sure their day is going great and always puts students first. She also is constantly buying supplies with her own money so I think a rug will help show some gratitude that she can get helping hand!

Shannon Poslaiko, Gibraltar, 2nd Grade

Shannon is a school favorite. She not only teaches her students but builds a lasting relationship as well.  She makes learning fun! 

Suzanne Gullen, Southgate, Kindergarten

Sue has been teaching in Southgate for 28 years. She has taught all grades from kindergarten to middle school. Ms. Gullen is well known in the district for providing an engaging, enriching environment for her students. This year she is finding herself teaching kindergarten for the first time in around 18 years. Sue’s classroom does not have any carpet. This lovely rug offered by Jabro would provide the perfect place for circle time and all of the various activities kindergarteners do. It would be a cozy place for them to read or play. Ms. Gullen is one of the most nurturing teachers in Southgate and is truly deserving of this gift.

Terri VanNorden, Lincoln Park, 2nd Grade

Terri is a teacher that strives to make my students feel welcome.  She is constantly trying to make her classroom feel warm and welcoming.  She wants to create an environment where students feel comfortable. She truly believes this will open their minds and hearts to learning.

Thomas Pak, Brownstown Township, 4th Grade

Tom always goes above and beyond for his kids, spending his own money for supplies that some kids parents can’t afford. He is very active in multiple sports for the kids and coaches several different sports.

Tonie Baker, Flat Rock, 1st Grade

Tonie is one of the amazing educators in Flat Rock Community Schools. Even after teaching close to twenty years; she continues her teaching career with dedication and passion. I am nominating her because I see how hard she works year around to prepare exciting and engaging lessons for her students. She also takes great pride in creating a classroom environment that is safe, inviting, organized and comfortable for her students. Each year she spends money decorating her classroom, providing supplies for hands-on lessons, providing supplies and snacks for children in need, and books to enhance her classroom library. Mrs. Baker loves teaching and it shows in her daily teaching and compassion for children.

Tyler Antio, Taylor, 5th Grade

Tyler absolutely loves his students. He has a true passion for teaching. He is going into his second year of teaching so as you can imagine he still needs alot of things to make his classroom as comfortable for his students as possible.

Veronica Gildner, Southgate, 3rd Grade

The passion Veronica has for teaching has shown in the students.  Her kids show the passion for the subject (social studies) and learning overall is because of her.

Victoria Chaudoir, Riverview, Toddler

Victoria is a toddler room teacher and is going to EMU for Elementary and Early Childhood Education! She is collecting for her future classroom.


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Join 1,000's Of People & Save
1,000's of people all around the greater Southgate area know that you can get the best quality with design leading styles installed by professionals for a great price. Now you can save an additional $100! Just fill out the form below to get your coupon today.
Your Information will never be shared with any third party.
Join 1,000's Of People & Save
1,000's of people all around the greater Southgate area know that you can get the best quality with design leading styles installed by professionals for a great price. Now you can save an additional $100! Just fill out the form below to get your coupon today.
Your Information will never be shared with any third party.
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